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Terms of purchase
                                                             RULES of sale and purchase in the online store
1.1 These regulations on purchase and sale (the «terms») constitute a legally binding document that sets out the rights and obligations of the Buyer («Buyer») and the Seller (hereinafter - «the Seller»), as well as responsibility when buying a Buyer of goods in the Internet-shop.

1.2. The seller reserves the right at any time to make changes, corrections or additions to the Rules taking into account the statutory requirements. Customer will be informed about this on the website of the merchant. During the purchase of goods in the Internet-store of the Purchaser shall apply the Rules applicable to the moment of placing the order.

1.3. The right to purchase goods in the online shop:

1.3.1. adult capable physical persons whose legal capacity is not limited by court;

1.3.2. minors aged from 14 to 18 years with the consent of parents or guardians, except independent disposal of their incomes;

1.3.3.entities person;

1.3.4. authorized lawfully representatives of all the above-mentioned persons.

1.4. Upon confirmation of the Rules, the Buyer agrees with the fact that he is the one indicated in clause 1.3 of persons and has the right to purchase goods in the online shop.

1.5. The sale contract is drawn from the moment when the Buyer in the online store will form a basket of goods, specifying ways to calculate and подтвердитнастоящие Rules by clicking on the „Confirm order“ (see paragraph 5 „Order of the goods, the price, the order of calculation period“).

1.6. A contract of sale between Buyer and Seller is stored in the online store.
2. Protection of personal data

2.1. to order the goods in the online shop the Buyer may:

2.1.1. registered in this online store, and indicate the necessary personal data;

2.1.2. not having registered in this online store.

2.2. The buyer wishing to place an order in the online store one mentioned in paragraph 2.1. way, is obliged to provide necessary to bring the goods information: name, surname, address, e. mail, phone number, city, address, and zip code.

2.3. The buyer confirms these Rules and agrees with paragraph 2.2. use the personal data of the Purchaser to fulfill the order of the goods, as well as for direct marketing purposes.

2.4. The buyer confirms these Rules and agrees with the receipt to the address e. mail and phone number of information messages, necessary for the order of goods.

2.5. The buyer undertakes not to provide input during the registration data to the online shop to any third party.
3. Rights and obligations of the Buyer
3.1. The buyer is entitled to purchase goods in Internet-shop in the manner prescribed by these Rules and other information recommended guidelines in the position of the online store.

3.2.The buyer entitled to refuse the contract of purchase and sale with the Internet-store notify the Seller in writing (e. mail indicating planned to return the goods and order number) no later than within 14 (fourteen) working days from the date of delivery things, except when avoidance is banned by the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania; (for example,when the contract is made in the sale of bedding see the information on the website of the VšĮ „Vartotojų centras“„Ne Corgi prekių grąžinimo ir keitimo ypatumai“ 18 punktas).

3.3. The buyer may take advantage of the provisions of paragraph 3.2 of the Rules of law only in the case if the goods have not been corrupted or its appearance has not undergone major changes, and if the product was not used.

3.4. The buyer must accept the ordered goods and pay the contract price.

3.5. If there are changes of data of the Buyer in the registration form, customer shall be obliged to update them.

3.6. Buyer shall not transfer the registration data to third parties. If the Buyer loses the registration information, it must inform the Seller to the addresses specified in section „Contacts“.

3.7. When using the online-shop the Buyer agrees with the Rules and undertakes to observe them, and not to violate the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
4.1.Buyer is obliged to create all conditions for the proper use of the Buyer provided by the Internet-shop services.

4.2 Should the customer is trying to harm the stability and security of work (e. gift shop or a breach of its obligations, the Seller has the right to immediately and without prior notice, to restrict or stop the possibility of the Buyer for use in Internet-shop.

4.3. Seller is obliged to respect private right of the Buyer to belonging to the customer a personal information specified in the order form online store.

4.4. Seller agrees to deliver the goods to the Buyer at the specified address.
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