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How to work

I stage. Login.

   At the bottom of the website, on the left there is a login field for our partners. If you want to log in, you have to complete the following actions:

a) if you are a registered business client, on the left you have to fill in the following data: login name and password, then click “Log in”. 

b) if you are logging in to the system for the first time, enter a chosen login name and click “Register”.  Please fill in the table of your data while registering; you can register only having filled in mandatory fields that are marked with an asterisk. Click “Register after having filled in the table with information about you that will be confidential and used for completing order.Having registered, in your personal profile “For partners” you can manage all your personal information, orders, order history, paid and unpaid documents.


II stage. Choosing items.

   On the left of the website you have a possibility to select items according to several categories: according to brand that you are interested in; according to the type of items or you can also find items on the website with the help of “Search” field. When you find items you want and you wish to order them, add them to shopping cart clicking on the shopping cart button, indicate the amount of the item you want to buy and click: “To shopping cart”. Before placing the item to the shopping cart or having already placed it, you have a chance to see the card of the item – the photo, warehouses where it is, price (with VAT).

On the list of goods you can see how many separate goods there are in your shopping cart, on the right by the list of the items “Items in the shopping cart” are shown. If you want to see the contents of the shopping cart, click on the icon “Shopping cart” on the right of the website, at the bottom. If you want to buy the items from the shopping cart, click the icon “Buy” that is on the right of the website, at the bottom.You can buy all the items that are in stock, you can add them to cart and buy.If we do not have the item in stock at the moment, ask us about the possibility to bring the item on special request.


III stage. Delivery address.

   While registering you indicated your address, in this stage specify the address of delivery and signing invoice for them. You have a possibility to have several addresses and indicate the address where to send the items and sign invoices during each purchase.  If the items and invoice have to be delivered to the same address, leave the tick at “Use the same address for invoice”. If you come to take the items to the chosen warehouse of Emyratų dalys, UAB yourself, leave the address indicated – the address of invoice.

If you want to leave a comment while sending your order, write it in the field for this under addresses. The recipients of order will always see this information and take it into consideration. 


V stage. Delivery of goods.

   We can deliver the items that are in stock to one of our departments or directly to a client next workday. Delivery of goods is also possible by delivery service and also takes the items in the warehouses in Vilnius, Klaipeda and Siauliai. In Lithuania delivery of goods costs 8 euro (with VAT) with delivery service DPD Kurjer; if the sum of order is more than 145 euro, delivery of goods is free. Delivery to Latvia is 20-30 euros without VAT; if the sum of order is more than 1000 euros, delivery of goods is free. Delivery to Estonia, Poland – 60 euros without VAT, if the sum of order is more than 1000 euros, delivery of goods is free. Buying from different warehouses, the sums of orders are not added and delivery of goods with delivery service UAB Omniva is calculated from each warehouse separately (Lithuanian clients). Choosing delivery of items and taking them from the warehouse of Emyratų dalys, UAB, delivery is free. Ordering items with delivery to Emyratų dalys, UAB, mark preliminary time that you are planning to come to take items.


V stage. Payment.

   Choose one of several ways of payment:

1. Payment through e-banking After choosing payment method, click “Confirmation of order”. 

2. Pay by bank transfer (completion of order becomes longer), the items will be prepared for sending only after receiving money.

3. Payment in cash taking the items in the warehouses of Emyratų dalys, UAB or when a courier delivers the items to the address indicated (in this case please have the sum of money without change).  

4. Credit payment – this possibility is provided to the clients who have purchase and sale agreement with Emyratų dalys, UAB term of postponement is attributed according to the term and credit indicated in the contract (only for business clients).


Your purchasing is complete. Wait for the items.

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